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Specialists for PC-Based Control System, PC measurement technology, test systems and drivers

XOn Software GmbH offers you individual solutions and standardized platforms for measurement technology, quality control and automation in all branches of industry.

Our services

Software Hardware Training
We develop customized software, that covers your individual requirements. We supply you with tailored hardware, that meets your requirements. Promote the success of your projects with trainings by our experienced and certified employees (NI-CPI).

Products & Service

Software Hardware
  • XGT: Test automation with XGT 1.4, universal, modular, cost- saving.
  • X1: With X1® 2.3, you can create graphics and reports from your measurement data in no time at all.
  • ADO Toolkit: Quick and flexible database access.
  • DAO Toolkit: Access your database more quickly with DAO.
  • ZIP-Toolkit: Effective and quick compression of your measurement data.
  • NTX: Quick and reliable access to ports ...
  • LIN Development Suite: The XOn LIN Development Suite is a flexible protocoll tester for LIN bus applications. The ideal system to test your control units.
  • Accoustics System: The "XOn Accoustics System" unites the flexibility and efficiency of an industry PC with the sensitivity and the capabilities of a height resolution microphone.


30 years
of experience
Visual Studio
National Instruments
Alliance Partner
in Germany.
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Specialists for PC-Based Control System, PC measurement technology, test systems and drivers