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Reference Projects for XOn Software

Over the course of our company's history, we have developed many superior solutions for our customers. On the basis of the branches of our main customers, we would like to introduce a few of our projects here.

Details for some of these projects:

Reference Problem Stance Solution
Mechanical Testing Test Standards Daimler/DHTC/MWM A combustion engine is towed (not started) and intensively checked. WinNT/2000/XP, CVI, SQL-Server
BMW, Research and Development Center Test of diverse automotive components in the laboratory surroundings, monitor software for automotive busses and arc balance simulations. LabVIEW, CVI, Visual C++, Excel-Makros, Databases, Report fabrication with X1, ...
Infineon Vision System Component recognition via imprinted codes in the production. 19" 2HE-Complete System, LabVIEW + IMAQ-Vision, Visual C, ...
Bosch Injection Valve Measurement of nozzles/pistons for injection valves, „matching machines,“ heterogeneous test facility, varied, individual testing activities WinNT, LabVIEW, X1 (countless individual programs)
Gear Test Standards Voith München Test of automatic gears in the production WinNT/2000, CVI, X1, DAO-Toolkit
Semiconductor Test Standards KP105, KP110, KP120 Infineon Regensburg Test und calibration of semiconductor sensors in the production NT/2000, CVI
Aeronautics Motors Fa Papst Heterogeneous test standards, customer specific accoustic and function tests in the production wide product spectrum, substantial outcome documentation WinNT, LabVIEW, AudioToolkit, X1
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