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The industrial computer is used in a wide range of applications. Typical areas are industrial automation, process visualisation or test stands. The variety of applications requires a wide range of different computer types. The most important characteristic is reliability, because a computer failure often results in a production standstill. By using high-quality components, we ensure the necessary robustness.

We supply you with a wide range of industrial computers, integrate measurement and interface technology and develop the right software to solve your task.

    19" Rack Computers

  • 19 inch rackmount PCs with active cooling, Core-I and Xeon processors.
  • Modularly expandable and flexible in use.

    Embedded PCs

  • Fanless industrial PCs for wall mounting with Core-I and Xeon processors.
  • Extremely powerful systems for harsh environments.
  • Flexible mounting options and extensions.


  • High performance and robustness for continuous mobile use.
  • Always both hands free for tasks and access to information and communication at the same time. Ideal for remote maintenance, digital assistance and logistics.
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