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FAQ stands for frequently asked questions-questions which are posed very often and their answers.

Which databases can be used with the ADO-Toolkit?

Each database can be used with the ADO-Toolkit as long as it provides its own appropriate OLEDB- driver. Common databases would be something like

  • MS Access
  • MS SQL-Server
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
  • mySQL

... and many more which the database creator can find by simply searching for the keyword "Ole-DB."

What is the "Connection String" for my xxx database

In many cases, you won't be able to find "your" database in our examples. In other cases, you can identify the necessary "connection string" for your database with the help of Microsoft's "Component Checker" program under ADO-Downloads.

Will license fees accrue for self-created Runtime applications with their database modules if they are passed on or sold to third parties?

You can pass on programs created with our ADO-Toolkit without restrictions or license fees. Only in connection with the source code will a renewed "developer license" be due. A license is also necessary if you hand over the the functions of your toolkit or make them available. Basically, with LabVIEW, creating a new Dll-interface layer which only gives out our tools to others is enough to require a new license.

Questions or answers?

Do you also have questions (or answers) which should come up in our FAQ? Program codes or something similar which should be made public here?

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