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Multimedia: Do you have sound...?!

The audio toolkit can now also additionally hold an Audio Compression Manager. With this function, you can not only read sound data in all formats which are supported by the system, but you can also save them in this format as well. It is thus possible to produce MP3-Data with LabVIEW. Access to a Windows specific mixer is also implemented in order to influence the sound, balance, etc. from LabVIEW.


  • Acquisition of audio data from all input sources of the sound card,
  • Readout of the audio data over the sound card,
  • Continuous buffed acquisiton and readout,
  • Complete access to WAV data, audio compression is supported within the WAV data (No *.mp3 with ID etc, but space saving saving format in MP3-Format. Wav data which contains compressed data will be recognized and played without a problem through the standard media players),
  • Support of other recording formats, 96Hz and 24bit,
  • Mixer control is also at hand (Audio-Toolkit Complete),
  • Complete online documentation of all VIs,
  • Several sample programs.

Multimedia: Look at that...

The video toolkit epitomizes an IMAQ compliant interface for video grabber cards in its basic functionality which is similar to Hauppauges WinTV. Moreover, video data can be continuously streamed or individually acquired, shown, saved, and evaluated.


  • IMAQ compatible interface for VideoForWindows entry sources (USB-WebCam, WinTV, ...),
  • Support for streaming and capturing of video data,
  • Complete online documentation of all VIs as well as function panels,
  • Polished window handling of the information,
  • Several sample programs.

Just play with your LabVIEW!

With the help of the joystick component in our multimedia toolkit, you can prompt "LabVIEW-Conform" for the positions and control buttons of the connected joystick (up to 16 pieces!). In doing so, the user entries over Occurencies is routed to LabVIEW. This means no constant polling and instead, high performance work.

So einfach wird der Joystick abgefragt: Hier ein Ausschnitt aus dem Beispielprogramm


  • Routes joystick events to LabVIEW,
  • Internal program design CIN, functionality of the joystick is transferred over Occurencies to LabVIEW,
  • Complete online documentation of all VIs as well as function panels,
  • LabVIEW palette for all VIs,
  • Sample codes for a simple start.
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Multimedia Toolkit