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Multimedia Toolkit Prices

On this page, you will find prices for all products related to multimedia.
An overview over our complete offer can be found in our Price List.

Product Price (€)
XOn Multimedia Toolkit Complete LV € 798,-
XOn Multimedia Toolkit Audio LV € 398,-
XOn Multimedia Toolkit Audio LV Basic (w/o Mixer, Compression) € 198,-
XOn Multimedia Toolkit Video LV € 398,-

You don't need a Runtime license for your Multimedia applications!

The following table shows you which features are included in which package:

Feature Complete Audio Audio Basic Video
Audio data acquisition from all input sources of the sound card, also continuously buffered. ja ja ja nein
Readout of audio data over the sound card, also continuously buffered. ja ja ja nein
Access to WAV data. ja ja ja nein
Support of advanced recording formats, 96Hz and 24bit. ja ja ja nein
Audio Compression. ja ja nein nein
Mixer controls. ja ja nein nein
IMAQ compatible interface for VideoForWindows entry sources (USB-WebCam, WinTV, ...). ja nein nein ja
Streaming and capturing of video data. ja nein nein ja
Polished Window-Handling of the display. ja nein nein ja
LabVIEW-Palette for all VIs. ja ja ja ja
Complete Online-Documentation of all VIs. ja ja ja ja
Sample Programs. ja ja ja ja
Handoff of joystick incidents to LabVIEW via Occurencies. ja ja ja ja

ja Feature is included.
nein Feature is not included.
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Multimedia Toolkit Prices