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NTX Port-I/O

Re-modeled Port-IO

This additional library for LabVIEW under NT allows access to Port I/O as well as access to the memory.

NTX Example PortIOTest

The access to the hardware can also occur over compatible VIs which are similar to the functions from LabVIEW under Win9x.


  • Simple Installation: Run the installation program, activate the address, restart your computer - done!
  • Kernel mode driver allows nearly unrestricted access to the hardware
  • The provided "Port-IO-Manager" allows configuration of access to the hardware, and the start performance is also predetermined. This is important for access attempts over a parallel port in order to properly load the NTX driver before the system parallel port driver.
  • Online help as VI-Help, extra references
  • LabVIEW-Palette for all functions
  • Several sample programs
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NTX Port-I/O