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NTX Port-I/O Summary

Under Windows NT and its successors, access to the Port I/O areas are only allowed for drivers. Each driver is assigned a zone from the system which allows it to access the zone. The XOn Port I/O driver allows the configuration of a maximum of 10 address areas with varying sizes which can all be accessed simultaneously. For the configuration of these zones, the program "XOn Port I/O Manager" will be provided. One can also receive access to the zones which are normally administered by the system.

Thus, the NTX-Toolkit offers software applications in which direct access to the memory (as in on a data acquisition card) is allowed. This can also be of help in the configuration of a measurement card as well as in the analysis of measurements. Additionally, the parallel port of the computer can be brought to life and can be used in the digital control of some hardware.

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NTX Port-I/O Summary