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FAQ stands for "frequently asked questions"- meaning often asked questions and their answers.

For which technical applications is X1 especially recommended?

Generally, for each application in the overflow mass of data which conventional programs do not command and which need to be quickly analyzed and attractively presented.

What are its special advantages in comparison to Excel?

Processing of bigger and more complex masses of data, better presentation, more individual reports and better representation of technical circumstances, permanent orientation with the arrangement of graphics through the meta structure.

How long does it take from the implementation of X1 through the first report?

In simple cases, a few minutes. Depending on the complexity of the reports, (heterogeneous data sources, extensive analysis algorithms …), it could naturally take a bit longer.

Will XOn Software GmbH program customer specific reports if requested?

Yes. Send us your problem (data and desired layout). We will normally send you the solution within a week and settle the account with you on the basis of per hour compensation .

With a work license, can I also combine a Full Development Version with a Runtime Version of X1?

As a general rule, 3 – 4 Full Development Versions are combined with 10 – 1000 Runtime Versions.

Which price advantages exist with a work license?

Considerable ones. Details can personally be discussed with us.

What requirements do I have to fulfill in order to reliably set up the language code?

Ideally, a certain level of basic working knowledge of Ansi C or C++.

With X1, is it possible to generate multi-page reports with text, graphics, and pictures?

Yes. As a Stand Alone-Solution, X1 is in a position to create as many multi-page reports with all modules as desired.

Questions or Answers?

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