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Individual solution

The transition from general software framework to the indivdual tasks requires the following arrangements:

  • Collection of Basis paketes
  • Creation of user specified Module
  • Summary of the overall package, Starting up and Test

collocation of the basis package: According to your requirements we compile for you a suitable basispackage from framework program and standard modules. Ceation of customer specified module: Usually there are some modules which could be created individually for kind of control modes like auto mode, semi-automatic mode or manual mode. Furthermore requierd some additionally special test steps. A test runs in auto mode fully automated. Usually the system recieves information (Serial number,device type, SOT) from parent system (PLC, Database, transport system) about the device under test. According to these information the software provides the suitable testplan. At the end of the test the test results rpeorts to the parent system, sotres the test results and release the device under test. The visualization of the automatic operation can show for example the process data (clock cycle, cycle time, number of tests, number of positive tests, .....) or visualize the individual measurement data. The automatic mode is normally available for the operator.

Automatic mode

The sem-automatic mode is used for the analysis of the testplans. This may be the single-step loop. In general, a communication is required with a master system (PLC, Database, Trasnprot sysgtem, ....) to determine readiness for testing of the system. The visualization part of the semi-automatic mode usually shows the protocol including the status of information and testing steps as well as control panels. The semi-automatic operation is usually accessable for inspection planner.

Semi-automatic mode

Various other modes are possible, such as calibration mode, set-up mode. Name your requirements and we will create your own solution. A number of other adjustments is possible via the interfaces of the framework program. Packaging of the overall package

  • We create the entire circumference of standard components and your indiviual modules, a detailed documentation as online help (CHM) and manual (pdf).
  • All components are combinded in an installation kit.
  • We also run a startup and an acceptacne by the target system.
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