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XOn LIN Development Suite

The XOn LIN Development Suite is a package of hard- and software that gives you easy access to the LIN bus.

2 channel bus transceiver


Bus coupling is based on National Instruments FPGA boards, which are connected to the LIN bus using a bus transceiver especially designed for this task. Depending on the FPGA board model and the number of bus transceivers, up to six buses can be accessed from one board.

LinMaster Screenshot


The provided software package consists of the application LinMaster and the programming interface LinAPI.
Both components are able to process LIN definition files (LDF files) directly, so no additional effort has to be made to describe the exact schedule of the communication. The software is acting as the master on the LIN bus an can communicate with any number of slaves. If there are several schedule tables specified in your LDF file, you can switch between them at will.


Without any programming effort, the programm LinMaster is giving you a bus monitor that shows you the complete raw data of the communication. This enables you to diagnose errors in the bus protocoll.
If the low level communication is working correctly, you can vary the data values sent by the master on the fly and so produce reasonable actions with your hardware.
All data sent by the slaves is presented to you in a clearly arranged data structure.


The functions of the application programming interface LinAPI are provided as a C/C++ library as well as LabVIEW VIs. Both are based on a DLL which you can use in any programming language.
This gives you the tools you need to develop individual applications that communicate via the LIN bus and test your control units.

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XOn LIN Development Suite