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XOn Vision System FAQ

FAQ stands for frequently asked questions.

For which forms of image processing can the XOn Vision be used?

XOn Vision is specialized in the recognition of characters, patterns, or symbols. With it, the presence of parts from products can for example be recognized.

How stable is the system?

The system is fail-proof and is used in the industry in 4-shift operations in the production of high-tech building parts.

Which interfaces do you customarily offer?

With the help of a DLL interface, a Multi-Threaded interface library will be integrated. This offers the XOn client a serial and network interface.

Why are you so competitively priced?

For the recognition of standard pictures, we insert a building block system which in addition to our software modules consists of competitively priced standard components. Since the hardware and software are PC-based, our customers also profit here from the dynamic price developments on the PC market.

How can you also guarantee excellent image recognition with very price competitive cards?

The determining quality in image recognition is the conversion of the picture into a quality judgement over the product. If a qualitatively high-value camera/lens took the picture, the software is the only determining factor. The frame grabber card is an important but technically uncritical interface for the computer. With the help of more effective software routines, it is possible to create the same results with standard cards where cards which would normally cost ten to twenty times more would be used.

How long does it take from the purchase date to successful start-up?

As a rule, four to six weeks. With rush orders which must be specially compensated for, we can also set up the equipment much more quickly.

Which cards do you recommend for standard image recognition (approx. character size 2mm, 16 characters in a sequence, cycle time 3 seconds?)

Each VideoForWindows compatible card is suitable. For example, we employ an "IDS Falcon" for 230 with Infineon.

How can precision and performance be further improved upon?

Both can be increased through the insertion of faster processors and high end frame grabber cards. These improvements can however be bought with an over proportional hardware investment. With standard components, cycle times of 300 ms can for example be reached. With special hardware and further tuning measures, this time can be reduced in half.

What types of support are offered?

Currently, extensive online assistance is being created which we would also gladly supply you with in PDF format.

Is employee training necessary?

XOn Vision is a very stable system after it has professionally been set up. Only a one-day introduction to how to use the hardware is necessary.

With which test station lighting are the best results reached?

Due to the special specifications, this characteristic must always be re-determined. Up until now, small building components in a relatively slow production process with red light LED lighting has achieved very good results.

How can the recorded data be saved?

The pictures as well as their analyses can be comfortably saved in standard picture formats. Since the data volume easily reaches into the terrabytes, we advise compression with the XOn Zip-Toolkit. The memory requirements remain however very high in industrial serial production.

Can the front end be individually customized?

The style guide as well as your corporate design can easily be adopted.

Which error sources normally appear?

A frequent errors source derives from the fact that the manual classification of the font sample is not carefully carried out or that the training data is not correctly analyzed. A further error results from the unprecise position recognition which allows itself however to be solved with a smoothing filter. Additionally, changing light conditions can especially cause interference which under certain circumstances can prevent optimal results from being achieved.

Finally - why is the XOn Accoustics System considered a quintessential box product?

Since XOn Software is the system provider, the solution can be tailored despite its useful standardization. Additionally, the existing solution can be expanded to hardware and software components depending on inspection requests. XOn Accoustics ideally unites the advantages of a complete product with the advantages of a flexible project solution.

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