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Embedded Systems


Embedded systems are rapidly gaining importance in all areas of industry and daily life. The "Internet of Things" has an enormous demand for such systems. A variety of cheap and powerful hardware is available for applications in any areas.


We support you in the creation of software applications for several platforms:

  • Compact RIO systems from National Instruments, see CRIO. .
  • NI S ystem O n A M odule (SOM), see sbRIO-9651 .
  • FPGA based systems from National Instruments, e.g. PXI rekonconfigurable I/O or PCI rekonconfigurable I/O
  • USRP RIO systems from National Instruments, see USRP RIO.
  • FlexRIO SDR systems from National Instruments.
  • Micro controller with ARMv7/ARMv8 architecture CPUs.

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Embedded Systems