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Multimedia Toolkit FAQ

FAQ stands for frequently asked questions, meaning questions which are frequently asked and their answers.

Which sound cards can be used with your toolkit ?

You can use any sound card which is reconized by MS Windows with our tool kit. External soundcards which can be hooked up through USB or Firewire can be used as well.

Which camera/grabber card can I use with your toolkit?

You can use any grabber card with our tool exactly as is the case with all USB cameras as long as they are recognized by Windows.

Does your toolkit also support "better" sound cards with high quality 24bit/96 kHz-converters?

In general, special sound formats are also suppported. In the meantime, we have created a few examples for the currently widespread 24bit/96kHz formats.

How can I create MP3's with your toolkit?

Generally, our toolkit "only" constitutes an interface for the installed codecs in the system (coder and decoder routines). If a corresponding MP3 codec is installed on your system, like the Fraunhofer-CoDec, then a recorded piece of (wav) data can be converted into the MP3 format (or OGG, or wma, ...).

Does the joystick library also support more than 2 joysticks? Can they also be "simultaneously" prompted?

Our library uses the Windows function in order to prompt the joystick. Inclusive of NT, only a maximum of 2 joysticks can be supported by the operating system, which accounts for the "restriction" of the devices on joystick1 and joystick2. Since W2K however, up to 16 joysticks can be supported. For this to occur, the number of joysticks which is to be used such as 1, 3, 4... must be entered as opposed to "enums." Access follows with help of a CIN (Code Interface) from LabVIEW. Since this is not "reentrant," the prompting of the joysticks must be serialized though the application of ErrorClusters.

Questions or Answers?

Do you also have questions (or answers), which should appear in our FAQ? Program codes or similar items which should be published?

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Multimedia Toolkit FAQ