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XOn Vision System

The XOn Vision is a complete system for industrial image processing. Its field of main application is in the recognition of optical characters, location, sample, and presence. In comparison to the standard solutions, XOn Software's product is faster, more accurate, more flexible, and delivers more value for its price. It is based on standard PC's, is easy to work with in businesses, and can be easily integrated and expanded upon (Firewire, XML, TCP/IP). Because of its intelligent software conception, standard components can be inserted. Out of this design, a markedly better price/performance relationship results in comparison to the competition. The performance characteristics and their advantages document this fact.

Module/Area Service XOn Uses for You
1. Computer Industry-PC, 19", 2 HE:2GHz, 256MB RAM, 40 GB HD, W2K Computer can be individually customized: Upgrades, Modifications etc.
2. Frame Grabber VideoForWindows-Card, i.e. WinTV (Fa. Hauppauge) Card from our product line can be chosen free of charge
3. Camera SW camera, constructed identically to the Sony XC75 Proven and reliable (color cameras are naturally also possible)
4. Lens Standard lens with C-Mount screw thread Lens from our product line can be chosen free of charge
5. Software Completely pre-installed including operating system, programs, drivers, and libraries No additional configuration and (self)development necessary
6. Set-up Operations Two days of engineering services including fine-tuning of optics, parameterization of software, and setup of standard communications Immediately productive! Extras and upgrades quickly possible since we are the system provider.
7. Accessories Standard 15" monitor, keyboard, mouse, cable, documentation You are buying a complete solution.
Price 9900 € after deductions for typical usage Unrivaled in price and technology.
Additional systems starting from 6500 €
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XOn Vision-System